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Guard Rail

Guard RailSteel Barrier systems are now replacing the use of concrete barriers in medians on motorways throughout. The severity of impact is reduced with steel systems as the force is transferred to the energy absorbing steel barrier. The system can be installed by driving posts throughout the road pavement and offers a quicker, cleaner and safer solution for high containment median barriers. The steel barrier system can be socketed at crossovers allowing it to be demounted in emergency situations.

Since its original design is for use on Highways this versatile system has been adapted for protection against moving vehicles in a wide range of situations, both indoors & outdoors.

It has become a common sight on private roads, around buildings and car parks. It is widely used in storage areas, loading bays and factories to offer protection to the fabric of the building and workers from the hazards of forklift trucks and other moving vehicles.

Beams, which can be curved, overlapped to give effective lengths and variety of Posts to cast in or bolt down are available and also mounting brackets. Together with angles and a choice of end terminals this system is ideal for most installations.

Designed and manufactured in the India our Crash Barrier systems have become increasingly popular with clients and specifies an effective means of physical protection. With a full design and installation service, we are able to provide a swift and efficient solution to your total requirements.