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DEAD LOADS Total weight of Building including its various components like main frames, purlins, girts, sheeting, bracings, connection etc. default picture
LIVE LOADS Load on structure during erections, maintenance and usage throughout the life time of structure. default picture
WIND LOADS Load in Kn/m2 placed on the exterior of a structure by wind. This will depends on
A) Wind Zone B) Shape of Structure
default picture
SEISMIC LOADS It is caused by earthquake forces and is applied horizontally at the center of mass of the main structure. default picture
CRANE LOADS Crane loads and their corresponding vertical, lateral and longitudinal impacts are applied in accordance to codes. default picture
MEZZANINE LOADS Dead load of mezzanine frame, finishes in addition to the live load applied on the mezzanine according to its occupancy and usage classification. default picture